Frequently Asked Questions

Our Company

Where is Power Pen based?
Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?
Yes. USA, Flat rate $7.50, Canada $10.00, International 15.00
How do I place a wholesale order for your vaporizer products?
Email us at for more information. Please include a phone number, company name, and retail location.

Vaporizer Pen

How long does my vaporizer pen last?
If you take good care of your vaporizer pen, it will live for years!
What are the battery specifications?
  • Capacity: 360mAh
  • Working voltage: 3.7V
  • Life: more than 300 times' charging
  • Can keep for up to 400 puffs (Per charge)
How do I know when my vaporizer pen is charged?
When plugging in your vaporizer pen to charge, a RED light will turn on at the bottom on the unit. If this light turns on, it is taking a charge! If it shuts off, It is fully charged! Always make sure the battery is turned to active (5 quick clicks) & enjoy! If and when the light is dimming, it needs a charge! If the Power Pen button/light dims and or blinks, Make sure the base is connected to the battery and if needed, or a connection is lacking, simply flip the base 180 degrees, on the battery! Often we see a lack of connection, which can be solved by reconnecting the base/atomizer/tip!

The Power Pen charger does not fully get inserted into the bottom of the unit. It is meant to stick out, this is NORMAL.
What if my vaporizer pens light is on but the unit is not working?
The most common issue we find is that the devise is lacking a power connection. Tip/Atomizer Base/Battery. We suggest you make sure the base atomizer is connected to the battery & flip the base 180 degrees to ensure the correct connection. We also have provided some useful Videos

General Use

How do I switch tips on my vaporizer pen?
Pulling the tips will cause the atomizer to break from the tip and will expose the internal wires. Always Hold the atomizer base with two fingers and spin the tip counter-clockwise to remove and clockwise to secure.
How do I load the liquid tank?
Never put liquids into the mouthpiece! The liquids are to be loaded on each side of the stainless center cylinder. To Take the top off, hold the base and pop the top to the left or right. Once the top is off, load the Liquids on either side of the center stainless cylinder filling at most half full. Once loaded gently reattach the top. MAKE SURE THE SILVER TANK IS CENTERED AND THE MOUTHPIECE SEALS UPON CLOSINGS. If you do not do this, the liquids can and will leak.
Why is my tank not working?
When loading for the first time, it takes about 1-2 minutes for the liquids to run into the system. To speed this process us, load the Liquid and press the button while hitting 10-20 times. You will notice the liquid running into the system. Make sure to always keep the unit upright.


How do I clean my vaporizer pen?
To clean your vaporizer, we suggest taking a damp paper towel and rubbing the outside GENTLY. You can include some soapy water too. BE CAREFUL, You do not want any liquid or moisture inside the unit. To clean the mouthpiece or tips, you can take rubbing alcohol (71%-99%) and gently rub around with a Q-Tip. DO NOT TOUCH THE COIL.
What If I need a replacement vaporizer pen charger?
Order one here Replacement

Payments / Orders

How do I know my order is secure?
The Power Pen checkout process uses The most trusted online payment solutions on the web.
What if something is wrong with my order?
If you have a problem contact us at
What is the Power Pen return and exchange policy?
30 days from shipping, if product is unopened we provide a full refund.
How long will it take to receive my order?
Once shipped most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 4 business days to arrive.