Power Pen Battery + 2 Atomizer Pack

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Power Pen Battery + 2 Power Pen Atomizers

CHARGER Not Included!

Do not need all the atomizers? Here is our Two top sellers bundled together. Use any USB Charger to juice up your battery or buy one here:

Power Pen USB Charger

Power Pen Features (Battery)

Very compact, small & portable.
Just over 4 inches in size.
Blue Led Back Lit button
Long battery life, 2 days (depending on use)
USB Charger, very easy & quick to charge. (Charger NOT Included)
Power Pen Logo on Button & battery base.
High quality design & build, Top grade materials and finishing.
Weather proof. Tested in all seasons.
Lock if over use/press button to long.
On/Off (click button 5 times), Ideal so you do not use in pocket.
Updated/Longer Lasting Lithium Ion Battery Life (about 50% stronger)


1 pc. Power Pen Lithium Ion Battery (White or Black)
2 pc. Power Pen Atomizers (Black or White)

For Aromatherapy Purposes Only