Power Play

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Power Pen Color
Atomizer Color

 Power Pen POWER Play!

Includes: Power Pen + Two (2) Gold Tips, (1) Power Pen Globe + Power Pen Atomizer (2)

Buy & Save! All the mods!

Power Pen Features

  • Capacity: 360mAh
  • Working voltage: 3.7V

Unique two-piece atomizer

Very compact, small & portable.
Just over 4 inches in size.
Blue Led Back Lit button
Long battery life, 2 days (depending on use)
USB Charger, very easy & quick to charge.
Power Pen Logo on Button & battery base.
High quality design & build, Top grade materials and finishing.
Weather proof. Tested in all seasons.
Lock if over use/press button to long.
On/Off (click button 5 times), Ideal so you do not use in pocket.
Updated/Longer Lasting Lithium Ion Battery Life (about 50% stronger)


1 pc. Power Pen Lithium Ion Battery
1 pc. Power Pen Mouthpiece
1 pc. Power Pen Atomizer Base (Gold ring)
3 pc. Power Pen Atomizer Tip (Gold funnel)
1 pc. Power Pen Wall Adapter
1 pc. Power Pen Wired micro USB Charger
1 pc. Power Pen User Manual
1pc. Power Pen Clear Atomizer Tip (E-Liquids/Hookah)
1pc. Power Pen Extra Silver "nail" Tip
1pc. Power Pen Tool

1pc. Power Pen Glass Globe Tip

Stainless Huge bowl + Extra Ceramic Spin on Tip

Fits directly onto Power Pen battery


PLEASE NOTE **No replacements or returns on Globes**

Power Pen Exclusive

2pc. Included

Exclusive to Power Pen this atomizer is our own design and creation.

We were sick of awful atomizers which either leaked or worked poorly!

So we created this gem! Power Pen oil/liquid atomizer works with any and all viscosity liquids & fits on any micro style battery.

To Load:

  • Take off Black/White Mouthpiece
  • Unplug by pulling the silicon stopper plug out (Keep close)
  • Load liquids into small hole (Do not overfill, Fill half way)
  • Re-secure silicon plug
  • Make sure Atomizer is firmly fit onto the Power Pen Battery


For Aromatherapy Purposes Only

Must be 18 Years of Age+